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Stonemark Apartment Manager Wins National Award

Stonemark Apartment Manager Wins National Award

Atlanta/Tuscaloosa, Ala. (December 2022) – Stonemark property manager Luann Barron has won a national award from real estate publication Multi-Housing News (MHN). Barron, who manages 2800 McFarland apartments in Tuscaloosa, Alabama has earned the Silver Award in the Property Manager category of the MHN Excellence Awards.


“We are overwhelmed with pride that MHN has recognized Luann’s exceptional accomplishments and is honoring her with this award,” said Stonemark Regional manager Marygrace Navarro. “Luann is a remarkable person and truly worthy of recognition. We are privileged to have her as an important part of the Stonemark family and look forward to many future successes.”


Barron’s Stonemark colleagues note that she is efficient, eager to learn, well-respected and consistently finishes work before it is due. She also won internal awards for customer service three years running. Plus, since Tuscaloosa was hit hard by business closings and layoffs during the pandemic, she raced to apply for rental assistance for the community’s residents as soon as it was available.


“As soon as they (the government) gave the initial date I came in on the weekend and signed up my people who were struggling,” Barron recalls. “People around me needed help and I wanted to be the person who could help them.”


What’s more impressive is that Barron did this while caring for her husband of 40 years, who has been critically ill since 2020. Barron says she owes much of her success to the supportive atmosphere the company provides.


“This really is an honor, Barron concludes. “I want everyone at Stonemark to know how grateful I am, because this is such a great company.”


MHN announced the winners at a ceremony in New York on Thursday, Dec. 1. You can read a full list of winners here.


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